Molton Brown Plane-Perfect & Chic Beauty fixers!


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I have been a huge fan of Molton Brown for 10 years or so but unfortunately the upmarket cosmetics brand is no longer to be found on french ground…I guess I’ll just to wait until my next London trip to splurge on pampering toiletries! In the meantime, my comfort gift will be one of their fantastically chic travel kits: the beauty perfect travel size essentials such as 50 ml body lotion and body wash, shampoo and conditionners….


















Regime des Fleurs


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Régime des Fleurs is a fresh new perfume adventure founded in LA  last year by longtime friends and collaborators Alia Raza and Ezra Woods. Raza and Woods’s project was born out of a mutual love of flowers, common interest in the olfactive construction of perfumes , and a fascination for Versailles and the Ancien Regime’s aesthetics and opulence…

Regime des Fleurs’s aristocratics scents are developped around 6 fragrances:


Turquoise (morning rosebud dew, Indian wild grass, sacred champaca flower CO2, sterling benzoin water, jeweled fruit, cassie flower…)


Dove Grey (white pepper powder, tarragon essential oil, dry buds of tuberose lavender and violet, Earl Grey vapor, willow, slate musk…);


Nitesurf (Tunisian neroli water absolute, transparent citrus, nautilus shell destructive distillation, and grey ambergris tincture…);


Bel Epoq (delicate jungle herbs, stephanotis blossoms, absolutes of Tahitian tiare and honeysuckle, jasmine sambac enfleurage, green Ceylon powder, royal ivory musk…);


Nymphaca (With Indian blue lotus, Hawaiian blue lotus, white ambergris, aurora reconstitution, Nile waterlily headspace, pandanus amaryllifolius, salty water, and the absolutes of 15 flowers….)


Water/Wood (With pale herbs, myrrh resin hydrosol, rosewood, driftwood, himalayan cedarwood dust, hawaiian sandalwood oil, dried wild tobacco bud, orris root butter…)

Shoe lust: Brian Atwood pre-fall 14


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Brian Atwood pre-fall 14 collection is all about old glamour and sexyness, all highly desirable!

Capture d’écran 2014-08-03 à 21.02.02


Capture d’écran 2014-08-03 à 21.02.21

Capture d’écran 2014-08-03 à 21.02.40

Capture d’écran 2014-08-03 à 21.02.58


















Lupita Nyong’o for Vogue US


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Academy Award winner actress Lupita Nyong’o is simply stunning in the Vogue US July 2014 photo series shot by Mikael Jansson in Morocco.












































Bright up your summer’s essentials with fuschia accessories


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Chic and vibrant, these fuschia accessories are perfect to add a bright touch to summer’s wardrobe essentials from beach to party.



Sergio Rossi

Celine Shoulder Bag Gourmette in Suede Fuschia

Céline chain bag

isabel marant pink skirt

Isabel Marant skirt

margnat bracelets

Alexandra Margnat bangles


Manebi espadrilles

cleias bracelet

Les Cleias bracelet































Phylia de M for hair growth


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Having been myself through serious hair shedding for more than 6 months last year and  and throught vitamins injections to battle it I wish I had known Phylia de M. hair growth line back then: this family owned organic brand founded by Kazu Namise has developed a proprietary formula (a blend concocted by Namise’s scientist godfather, Dr. Dick Miyayama, which includes aloe, tannic and fulvic acids, and goodies spanning sugarcane to coconut) that works to supply a keratin surge to hair for restorative results, and help regrowth. The Connect and Re-Connect spray line ( see pictures) is formulated to fortify existing strands and encourage new growth, used Phylia de M.’s popular Connect, the power duo accelerates cell renewal and keratin restoration. A promess for lustrous locks, and robust, vital hair.


















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