Dazzlin’ make-up through the decades

Yes Chanel did initiate the tan!

Dazzlin' Gal

December 4th

The 1920s

The roaring ’20s was a period of renewal and increasing consumer growth, during which new make-up trends for women flourished.

During the early twenties cream or ivory colored face powder was used by most women. Pale shades of foundation in light cream or ivory, gave way to more naturals hues, and when Coco Chanel appeared with a tan, the fashion for bronzed look was well and truly here to stay. Later in the middle of the twenties a powder corresponding to the nature hue of skin – perhaps a nuance brighter – came in fashion.

Eye make-up was heavy, sooty and dark, and kohl (the grandfather of eyeliner), was smudged around the eye. The eye lids were often brooding and dark, with combinations of medium and darker grey-through darker turquoise and green shades were also very popular.Very popular were thin, black and downward sloping eyebows which…

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