Marie-Antoinette, superstar!

Marie-Antoinette lived in the 18th century but she is somewhat of a modern heroin with her tragic destiny, such as Marylin Monroe or Princess Diana …Like a today star, she was scrutinized and criticized, at the same time revered and victim of calumny…

A few years after Sofia Coppola’s movie, french director Benoit Jacquot «  Farewell My Queen (after the novel by Chantal Thomas, « Les Adieux à la Reine » which i have read) is out in theaters.

The movie is about Sidonie, a lady in waiting whose job is to read books to the bored Marie Antoinette, through her eyes we witness the first days of the french resolution, and the collapse of Versailles and the old monarchy. This French film focuses on the difficult behind-the-scenes life at Versailles. The depicting of backstabbing, gossiping and ambitions of the hangers-on at court is one the film’s most interesting highlights. The crowded and dirty « back stairs » rooms are vividly contrasted to the opulence of the grand state halls.

With Diane Kruger, Virginie Ledoyen, Lea Seydoux….Out in France since March 21st 2012