Lula’s candles : for a sophisticated well-being

Australian lifestyle brand LULA presents its new candles collection called “Emotive Candles” – these beautiful  “holistic” candles are handmade and contain crystal essence and are available in 4 healing fragrances: Love ( Gardenia), Courage ( Lime Blossom), Forgiveness ( Frangipani) and Protection ( Lily of the Valley). Lula’s motto could be “Well-being, wherever you are”, just lit a candle, and relax to the flame… Created by Rosie Condo,  LULA Lifestyle also offers high end clothing, jewellery, bags and accessories with a focus on colour and a sense of stylish bohemian as well as a wide choice healing and relaxation treatments of tailored by trained therapists. Lula is based in Hampton Victoria, Australia.

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top: Lula’s new Emotive Candles line on Love, Forgivess, Courage and Protection

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Lula’s clothing designs ( top) …and jewellerey ( below)