Undergreen, organic perfumes

Want to try organic perfume but with a sophisticated twist ? Undergreen is a french perfume label pioneering in creating from 100% natural essences to mimic the most luxurious fragrances: filling the gap between traditional perfumery and our need to go back to Mother Nature. A « voyage olfactif » unique and avant-garde !

After « Black » and « White » – see below – a new creation is coming : « Pink » is all about sweet and girly: Rose and Cedar with base notes such vanilla or strawberry and spices…


Undergreen Black: rare woods and exotic spices. top notes : Black pepper, Cinamon, Ginger / middle notes: Liquorice, Coffee, Tonka beans / Base notes: Incense, Gaiac wood, Oud, Birch bark


Undergreen White: Clean and fresh

Top notes: White mint, Coconut, Aldehyde / Middle notes: Orange blossom, Jasmin, Ylang Ylang / Base note: Orris butter, Amarys wood, Balsam styrax, Tuberose absolute