Perlota: Jewels with a Soul

The woman behind Perlota ( I love the name, so pretty!) is Sophie Bennani Pendleton, a Casablanca born and Paris based designer whose approach to fine jewellery has been inspired by her experiences living in Southern Asia and her Oriental roots. As she discovers eastern philosophies and cultures, her passion quickly blossoms into the conception of Perlota in 2003. A line of holistic accessories for newborns and children is a spontaneous inspiration for the mother of two beloved sons. Each jewel becomes a talisman just like her Mantra and Oriental Wisdom lines:

more about Perlota:

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Chattra Tibetan Parasol with Sapphire Pendant : The holy parasol symbolises the spiritual protection of all mankind from illness and harmful forces.


“Be a lamp upon yourself” Sanskrit Mantra Ring


Happiness Mantra Cylinder Pendant: “Be all you desire to be. Bless one another with love. Enter the circle of freewill and wisdom. Speak with the voice of freedom. Trust your heart. Seek the divine truth to find happiness.”


Samadhi Singing Tibetan Bells with Sapphire Pendant: In Tibet, the bell represents the feminine principle, wisdom, fertility and abundance. The bell symbolizes the perception of hearing the echo of primordial vibrations and the sound of heavenly voices.


Blue Camelia: The blue camelia flower symbolizes an everlasting union between lovers. It represents the young man entrusted by the lady as her protector.


Naga Snake ring: The snake is worshipped across various cultures around the world. It represents rebirth, protection against evil, a mediator between the physical and spiritual world. It also represents female energy or life-force as a « goddess within. »