Ahae, through my window: a serene contemplation

Imagine the world seen through a single window, now imagine this window is overseeing a beautiful countryside valley, and imagine yourself observing through that window: the season changes, the cycle of animal and vegetal life, from deers to dragonflies, from majestic maple trees to water drops in a reed. This is what south-korean artist photograph Ahae has done: for three years, Ahae compiled millions of photographs, taking an average of 2,000 to 4,000 pictures per day. He even had to set up a special processing station in order to keep up with the workflow. After his first two years, he decided to create a book of his work titled,Through My Window. His work has been now exibited in many museums around the globe and is currently hosted at the chateau de Versailles in the magical setting of the Orangerie until September 9th 2013. All the 220 pictures selected are dramatically beautiful in their simplicity and their contemplative quality.

all photos credits: AHAE

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