At home with bag designer Delphine Delafon

Delphine Delafon, 31 is this very talented Paris-based designer whose custom bucket bags are on every fashionista’s hot list. After studying at Studio Berçot and Penningen Institute in Paris, Delphine worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years with designers such as CarvenMichel Klein and Irié before she decided to start her own clothing line with a friend she met at Michel Klein. Together they launched the boho chic label Heimstone,this was in 2007. A few years later, she decided to go her own way and started to design bags for herself…and all her girlfriends. Soon the success story began. Now, the young designer has her own label and her creation studio where she receive orders and clients from all over the world. Part of her success is the uniqueness of concept: Delphine Delafon has chosen to work on a unique but yet versatile bucket bag style to endless possibilities. All are hand-made on demand, with the finest fabrics, leathers etc…

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Here she is posing in her Parisian home in the 6th arrondissment, this lovely tiled floored house has the cosy atmosphere of a country retreat and the historical charm of a 17th century Hotel Particulier.

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