With love from Australia: Alice in Lalaland 100% organic candles

Straight from Oz land: Alice in LaLaland candles are 100% eco-friendly vegetable manufactured using pure soy beans & is grown free from pesticides, herbicides & contained no Genetically Modified Material. I love the elegant design: white glass and black & white messages labels that can be interchanged with any of the 7 fragrances or personalized with the name/quote/graphic or your choice. How adorable!

Apart from the existing fragrances ( coconut lime/ fresh coffee/ pink peony/ musk stick/ sweet vanilla/ French pear/lemongrass&ginger/ fig&melon ) – Alice in Lalaland is currently developing 4 new ones for 2014 : Japanese honeysuckle / Sun berries/ Mimosa&mandarin / Amalfi coast

Alice in LaLaland candles are available on Etsy.

alice lala1

alice lala2

alice lala4

alice lala3