Brassai: Pour l’Amour de Paris

Paris is celebrating one of its most passionate photographer with a beautiful exhibition called « Brassai, Pour l’amour de Paris » at the Hotel de Ville (Paris City Hall) from November 8th 2013 to March 8th 2014.

Born in 1899 in Brasso (now Brasov) in Transylvania, Gyulus Halasz adopted the name Brassaï when he started to take photos in 1929. His fascination for Paris brought him to the French capital in 1924, after completing his art studies in Berlin. He soon met Robert Desnos, Henry Miller and Jacques Prévert, who let him into the crowd of brilliant artists and intellectuals who were at the origin of the Années Folles at Montparnasse, and introduced him to the world of the Surrealists, at the same period he also befriended Picasso.

Brassai was an unfatiguable wanderer of Paris ‘s streets with a fondness for the little-known, offbeat popular class districts, where the working class lads met the prostitutes at Les Halles or at the funfairs. Brassai was a master at creating atmospheric pictures, especially at night time, capturing instant life bits, from the crowded bistrots of Belleville to the banks of river Seine…

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the artist, Brassai