How to master the perfect smokey eye !

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Achieving a perfect smokey eye for day office/wear can be easy and quick if you follow the right steps and choose the right colors:

The first important thing is to choose classic, neutral colors that will blend easily and stay discreet: beige, taupy and browns are some of the best tones and the smarter choice as it suits every eye color and skin tone.

My current favorite palette (or quad but palette is how we say in french !) is the Chanel Les Ombres in Raffinement 39: 4 subtil shades that blends marvelously and that can be played from a day time light eye enhancing makeup to a more glamour emphasized smokey look for nightime :

– The top left shade is a warm medium-dark brown with hints of plum/mauve and a frosted finish.

– The top right shade is a pale, peachy beige with a frosted sheen and subtle warm undertones.

– The bottom left shade is a medium-dark cognac brown–a little orange-red slighty frosted as well

– The bottom right shade is a deep, dark reddish brown and a matte finish


The secret to a successful smokey eye is to follow these easy rules that are organized by color intensity and will apply to all eyeshadow colors:

The lighter shade acts as an highlighter (here B) , the 2nd lighter shade (here C ) will be applied as a base color on all the eye lid and eye bone, the 3rd shade (here A) as a contrast color to build the smokey effect on the outter corner and the 4th shade (here D) is always used as an eyeliner to enhance the smokey makeup.

This is my simple step by step method:

  1. apply shade C to the whole brow bone as a highlight
  2. apply shade A to outer 2/3 of lid and in the crease, blending it to the 1st color with a brush
  3. apply shade B ( the lighter shade of the quad) to tearduct and inner 1/3 of eyelid for highlighting
  4. apply shade D ( the darker of the quad) along the upper and lower lashline as an eyerliner you can smudge it for a more sublte effect

Below some of my favorite video tutorials for a perfect smokey look by makeup artists Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury and a Chanel beauty master class: