A scent of Italy: Acqua dell’Elba

I have been privileged to spent a week in Italy between Rome and Tuscany last month. Italy is certainly one of my favorite destination  so back to Paris and to work,  I am cruelly missing the sun, the orange light and the terracotta jasmin scented cobbled streets of Rome, the quietness of Tuscany’s medieval villages, the long aperitivos in terrace drinking Spritz Aperol and eating divine buffala mozzarella and suppli etc…I could have stayed forever….

While in Italy I came accross Acqua dell’Elba perfumes, a local brand based in Elba Island, Tuscany, handmade with regional raw materials crafted with the highest quality and inspired by the age-old traditions of the renaissance craftsman’s studio. They have developed a 3 perfume range called Classic, Blu, and Arcipelago, all marvelously ….with mediterranean ingredients such as orange, jasmin, shrubs, fig, citrus, cedarwood, neroli…and the blu

Wearing these fragrances is like an instant escape to Italy!



the whole collection


Archipelago with lemon, mandarin and apricot; jasmine, helichrysum, acacia and orange blossom;cedar, strawberry tree and musk.


Classic with orange, myrtle, gardenia and jasmine, marine cistus, Mediterranean shrubs


Blu with fig, jasmine, helichrysium and mandarin, water-lily, anthemis and marine cistus,fig-wood, cedarwood and Phoenicean Juniper.