Phylia de M for hair growth

Having been myself through serious hair shedding for more than 6 months last year and  and throught vitamins injections to battle it I wish I had known Phylia de M. hair growth line back then: this family owned organic brand founded by Kazu Namise has developed a proprietary formula (a blend concocted by Namise’s scientist godfather, Dr. Dick Miyayama, which includes aloe, tannic and fulvic acids, and goodies spanning sugarcane to coconut) that works to supply a keratin surge to hair for restorative results, and help regrowth. The Connect and Re-Connect spray line ( see pictures) is formulated to fortify existing strands and encourage new growth, used Phylia de M.’s popular Connect, the power duo accelerates cell renewal and keratin restoration. A promess for lustrous locks, and robust, vital hair.