Regime des Fleurs

Régime des Fleurs is a fresh new perfume adventure founded in LA  last year by longtime friends and collaborators Alia Raza and Ezra Woods. Raza and Woods’s project was born out of a mutual love of flowers, common interest in the olfactive construction of perfumes , and a fascination for Versailles and the Ancien Regime’s aesthetics and opulence…

Regime des Fleurs’s aristocratics scents are developped around 6 fragrances:


Turquoise (morning rosebud dew, Indian wild grass, sacred champaca flower CO2, sterling benzoin water, jeweled fruit, cassie flower…)


Dove Grey (white pepper powder, tarragon essential oil, dry buds of tuberose lavender and violet, Earl Grey vapor, willow, slate musk…);


Nitesurf (Tunisian neroli water absolute, transparent citrus, nautilus shell destructive distillation, and grey ambergris tincture…);


Bel Epoq (delicate jungle herbs, stephanotis blossoms, absolutes of Tahitian tiare and honeysuckle, jasmine sambac enfleurage, green Ceylon powder, royal ivory musk…);


Nymphaca (With Indian blue lotus, Hawaiian blue lotus, white ambergris, aurora reconstitution, Nile waterlily headspace, pandanus amaryllifolius, salty water, and the absolutes of 15 flowers….)


Water/Wood (With pale herbs, myrrh resin hydrosol, rosewood, driftwood, himalayan cedarwood dust, hawaiian sandalwood oil, dried wild tobacco bud, orris root butter…)