La Posta Vecchia hotel: Roman Holidays…

La Posta Vecchia hotel is one of a kind, a stunning 17th century seaside residence set in exquisite Italian gardens, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, La Posta Vecchia is a luxurious retreat, a mere 40 minute drive away from central Rome.
The villa was built in 1640 for members of the powerful Orsini family, on the site of the Ancient Roman settlement of Alsium. In later years, the edifice was used as Carriage House, hence the name in italian : La Posta Vecchia ( the old carriage house).

In 1960, the property was purchased by the American tycoon Jean Paul Getty, who financed an extensive restoration program to restore the villa to its original glory. Whilst work was in progress, the ruins of an ancient Roman villa were uncovered, ruins which can be observed in the small archaeological museum housed in the basement of the hotel.
Getty furnished the building with precious artifacts which he had collected during his extensive travels throughout the world. It was only after Getty’s death that the estate was transformed in exquisite 19 bedroom hotel, its rooms still adorned with priceless artworks and antiquities from the late millionaire’s extremely personal collection.

Today, the villa still exudes the atmosphere of a private home, the bedrooms and suites  are all individually appointed with beautiful fabrics and rare pieces of art.

As one might expect La Posta Vecchia boasts a Michelin starred restaurant, « The Cesar » delighting guests with the best of mediterranean cuisine.

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